Hand held concrete vibrator 1300 W

240.00 € Hand held concrete vibrator 1300 W

Package includes a vibrating shaft and handheld electric motor
Stable vibration
Robust electric motor
Flexible vibrating shaft
Reinforced steel housing
Speed lock

Technical specifications of item

Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Power of the electric motor: 1300W
Number of revolutions: 12000 r/min
Length of the shaft: 3.0m
Diameter of the shaft 45mm
Electrical class: IP 52
Total weight: 12.2 kg
Robust electric motor: Yes
Flexible vibrating pipe: Yes
Speed lock: Yes
Warranty: 12 months

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Description of concrete vibrator 1300 W

The electric concrete vibrator is suitable for vibrating foundations, concrete slabs and concrete walls. The package consists of a handheld electric motor and vibrating shaft. The concrete vibrator exits air bubbles from the liquid concrete and, consequently, strengthening buildings. This procedure improves the seismic parameters of the construction. The use of concrete vibrator enables automatically allocated liquid concrete in a relatively flat area. The construction of the concrete vibrator handle makes this product extremely mobile and easy to transport. Middle vibrating frequency enables the greater volume of dense concrete in short period.